My name is Sarah Bartlett.
I am passionate about calisthenics, nutrition and healthy hormones.


I grew up in an athletic family – my Dad was a World Champion rower for Australia and every family holiday was snowskiing, waterskiing, camping, hiking or something adventurous and active.
As a kid, I played hockey, gymnastics and was always running around climbing trees or making mud pies.
As a teen, I continued with both gymnastics and hockey and eventually gave gymnastic away for rowing in my senior years. This taught me a great deal about team work, responsibility and the value of hard physical effort – we trained bloody hard!


the best shape of our lives for the Wedding. At the time I was working as an account manager -my first and last foray into a corporate lifestyle. During my time at university, my fitness training had taken a bit of a backseat, and getting back into a regular routine with my fitness was a major turning point.

It was actually our Personal Trainer who initially suggested I become a trainer – I was working in advertising sales at the time after studying communications at Uni and laughed the idea off. Less than two years later, after falling out of love with a corporate life, I enrolled at Australian Fitness Institute in 2014 and have never looked back.

I am now in my sixth year as a PT; having run my own successful franchise out of Fitness First for the first 3 1/2 years, then being headhunted to work as an international presenter for Clean Health Fitness Institute teaching courses in fitness and nutrition around the world to industry-leading Personal Trainers, as well as continuing to develop myself as a coach under their systems, throughout 2018.

In 2019 I returned to working for myself, with a holistic-based system I have developed, focusing primarily on hormonal