Mission Statement

My mission is to inspire and educate women to take control of their health, through learning about the importance of their menstrual cycle and its’ role as a vital indicator of health. I am here to empower women to harness the power within their natural cycle, and to understand the bodies’ fluctuations so they may work in harmony with their bodies, and achieve lift changing results.

Some of the ways through which I am realising this Mission

Mission Statement

My social media channels are where I first started having this conversation, and still where the majority of the dialogue around Hormones goes on (for now).
My main media for delivering content to females about hormone mastery is Instagram. Follow me @sarahbartlettcoach for more…


Mission Ambition Intention Day is now in its’ second year, and growing rapidly. It is an uplifting half day program of motivation and future planning; the event features meditations, a value and self identity session, breath work session, a delicious brunch, and introduces you to the concept of Mission Ambition Intention – my process of how to plot your dream life. Oh, and a little gift bag for every attendee 😉

My ambition with this event is to have reached 1,000,000 people with this program by 2026. Will you be one of them?

MAI Day 2020 was postponed due to Covid-19. An update will be available soon on when the next event will be held. Please register your interest below.


A series of workshops for women, designed to educate and support women through all stages of the menstrual lifecycle: Menarche, Menstruation, Menopause, Post Menopause. Each workshop will detail the hormonal and chemical changes occurring in the body, the physiological ramifications of these changes, and how you can adapt your nutrition, lifestyle and training program to support your body throughout each phase of development. For information about upcoming workshops, register interest below.


A community group for women to discuss experiences around, share learned wisdoms of and learn scientifically-backed methods for harnessing your hormonal health and the power of learning to love and honour your menstrual cycle.