Mindset Matters

By Sarah Bartlett Holistic Fitness & Nutrition Coach

Everything we do, we must first do in the mind

I used to say the first step to developing your mindset is knowing your purpose, and then establishing your values and beliefs, and whilst I still believe this to be the core of developing a resilient and growth-state mindset, the issue is that most of us are already so overwhelmed and busy in our day-to-day lives, are so detached and unaware from our value systems and life purpose, and we simply don’t have the time to sit down and do this work.
And until you’ve seen the value in it, or have tried everything else to absolutely no avail, why would you?
I mean things aren’t THAT BAD. 
But if you’ve never known the immense satisfaction that comes from self awareness and self love, albeit often following some agonising, you might not know just how good things could be….
So where do we begin?
With tackling the issue of disorganisation. 
If you are so busy, or you constantly feel like you are on the go, you may be disorganised. If you are “too busy” to find time to go to the gym, prepare healthy meals, or go for a walk, you are disorganised. Trust me, if Whether you are because you say yes too much and have too many obligations, or you completely lack and sort of schedule at all, the first step is prioritisation and organisation.
The following task will take you between 20-30mins to complete.
Your first job is to go into your diary (if you don’t already have one, open your iPhone and begin one using iCal or Google Calendar – it’s free and easy) and find a period in the next 24 hours when you will have 30mins to spare. Schedule a meeting with yourself titled “Organise and Prioritise”.
Now, understand that a meeting with yourself is MORE IMPORTANT than a meeting with another person. You may not for any reason excepting death, cancel, forget or reschedule this meeting. Once you have made the commitment to yourself, you must follow through – this is Step One. If you need to set an alarm or reminder on your phone to ensure you remember then do so.
I am so serious about this point – it is high time you became the number 1 priority in your life!
The purpose of this meeting, is to organise your time more effectively, so that you can better prioritise your daily tasks. I want you to go through and create a weekly schedule for yourself. You will need to include Rise and Bed times (and stick to them – more on this later), meal times (allowing at least 15minutes to eat at every meal), work hours, travel time and any other recurring weekly commitments, such as scheduled team training sessions, kids’ sport training, family dinners, house cleaning, etc. It may seem a little crazy to schedule absolutely everything in your day in this much detail, but try it out. This exercise is about learning to see how precious a commodity your time is, and where you can win some back each week. Once you have blocked out all the times when you are busy, you can start to prioritise your ‘down-time’. Do you REALLY want to spend the only hour you have free today watching  The Bachelor, or would that time be better spent preparing a healthy lunch for you tomorrow because you have that big meeting on and don’t want to be forced to eat meeting sandwiches?!
Prioritising, or the rationing our of time resources, becomes easier when we begin to realise the scarcity of this resource. Try this organisation exercise out and see how much “free” time you can discover in your week. Next week’s lesson > prioritising!