Sarah Bartlett Holistic Fitness & Nutrition Coaching Mentorship

By Application Only

THE Sarah Bartlett Holistic Fitness & Nutrition Coaching MENTORSHIP.

A brand-new Mentorship Program for coaches passionate about getting the best results for their client’s with health and happiness as the number one priority. This 20-week mentorship program will equip you with the skills and confidence to understand your mission and ambition as a coach and business owner whilst learning how to build a successful face to face and online coaching model.

The program delivery is spread over a 20-week syllabus, with each week focusing on one key aspect of creating a Holistic Coaching business. Participants will be required to attend a 75-90 minute group coaching call, where we will discuss the current week’s topic in depth, including assessing any of the weekly tasks due.

You will also be supported through a mentorship workshop which will be held fortnightly (Saturday/Sunday) we will focus on the technical and executional cueing aspects of coaching here.

This program gives you even more value though the educational component of the mentorship, each mentorship place offered includes a 24-week holistic coaching package. The initial 12-weeks of this package will be designed by Sarah herself toexclusively meet your individual ambitions in terms of training and body composition.

For the secondary 12-week phase, program participants will be asked to design and present a nutrition and training programme for another member within the program. This will be based upon that person’s previous and updated ambitions and periodising appropriately from the previous12 –week phase. These will then be reviewed and approved by Sarah to be implemented for the second half of the programme.It’s a fantastic way for you to refine your learning and practise skills in a supported environment. All programmes include body composition assessments conducted by Sarah.

Not only will participants of the mentorship program receive all of the benefits outlined above, but all participants who register before March 4th 2019 will also be provided with complimentary attendance to all workshops held by Sarah throughout the year.Dates and times to be advised.

20-Week Syllabus

+ Positioning Yourself in the Industry
+ Sales & Onboarding Processes
+ Marketing Your Brand
+ Initial Consultation
+ Structural Assessment
+ Gaining Compliance - The Key to Longterm, Lasting Results
+ Managing Mindset & Sleep Hygiene
+ Energy Balance & Macronutrients
+ Understanding Gut Health
+ Understanding Cortisol & Adrenals
+ Understanding Immunity
+ Understanding Neurotransmitters
+ The Science of Breathing
+ Building the Athlete: Core Fundamentals
+ Building the Athlete: Biomechanics of the Lower Body
+ Building the Athlete: Biomechanics of the Upper Body
+ Correcting Metabolic Dysfunction
+ The Influence of Sex Hormones and Oestrogen Dominance Protocol
+ Inflammation Protocol, Insulin Management Protocol

Applications are now closed for the first intake of 2019

This mentorship program is offered by application only, to register your interest, please click below

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