Look at Your Own Ugly

By Sarah Bartlett Holistic Fitness & Nutrition Coach

There’s a reason I don’t post a lot of selfies – (well haven’t historically, obviously that is changing).
© Lyndon Marceau / marceauphotography
That reason is because I never wanted to position myself as an “Influencer” or “Fitness Model”. In fact, being called that by others is kind of a turn-off, and it got me thinking about why have I such a knee-jerk resentment for those labels. Is it purely because of a societal dogma about “instahoes”?!
I am very aware of areas of myself which I believe need redeveloping – a key focus at present is my judgement of others. With a series of new images taken, for the intent purpose of posting them on social media to drive more interest in my brand, it has really got me thinking.
I remember reading a meme once that said “I am working hard now so that my future daughter doesn’t have to sell protein powder on Instagram”. And it’s all well and good as it is a joke, but there’s something more to it, isn’t there?
Because why can’t a girl (or a boy for that matter) sell protein powder on the internet AND have more depth to them than just that!
My girl @lind.slaaay has been talking a lot recently about her evolution of identity and her confusion of identifying as one type of ‘character’ – feeling like she has been so many differing identities throughout her life, whether that be the weightlifter, the yogi or the hand balancer. I think I get her sentiments; I feel like with social media these days, people have to push so hard one direction to gain traction and build a profile, so much that they find themselves boxed in to ‘being’ a certain way. Into being a certain stereotype. I get it all the time, if I am eating junk food, people will always (jokingly) say “Omg you can’t have that?!” When in reality, if we’re talking in terms of metabolic ability to burn it off, I am usually far more qualified to be eating “junk food” than whoever is telling me I shouldn’t have it. But I “can’t” have it because it doesn’t fit with the stereotype of me being “fit”.
I have also been seeing posts lately, especially from those in the “fitness influencer” space, bagging out the version of themselves they used to be. This is mostly from people who have evolved to a different style of training or eating, often accompanied by new focus and values in life. All of a sudden, the values they used to hold are worthless and stupid. The way they trained/ate before was “stupid” and what they are doing now is the “panacea”. Beware of this point of view. It is OK to see more value in the way you do things now, but hating on yourself, past present or future, is never going to be the best path to building success in the future. Who you were then, shaped who you are right now, and the actions you take today will shape who you become in the future. We are always a work in progress.
There is no such thing as a bad person, or a good person. There is no such thing as a slut or a hero. People just behave in ways that personify those characteristics. We play a character, temporarily, and we all have so many multitude of characteristics – why would you want to confine yourself to one narrow persona, and only be that way?!
It’s time we called Bullshit on ourselves and our judgements. Both of ourselves and of others. Be happy. Be free. Just Be
One more thing, I will always be open and honest, and transparent about my intentions behind my actions. I can do this with ease, knowing that I always have the best of intentions because of the impact I want to leave upon the world.