How Long Will it Take?

By Sarah Bartlett

It’s The Question Every New Client Always Wants Answered…How long will it take until you start to see your hard work paying off? Until you get those RESULTS?!

Well, that depends. (Don’t you hate that answer!)

As a coach, I make it my ambition to open my clients eyes to the varying ways the pay off can present itself – because the aesthetic result isn’t always the first outcome we notice, but it’s often the only one we’re looking for. Results other than kilos or pounds up and down count too – I am talking about the very real, often intangible results, the stuff that the outside world cannot perceive. Things such as mood, energy level, sex drive, appetite and sleep – I call this stuff your biofeedback and these things make a monumental impact on how well we feel. But, we often forget to look for positive changes here.  
Especially working so closely with females looking to rebalance their hormones, I am all too aware that the body will determine in what order it “heals itself’. Our bodies want to and are designed to thrive. In our modern lives, we simply engage too many handbrakes (lack of sleep, poor/inadequate nutrition, stress, toxin exposure, etc.) to get up any real momentum with the wellness wagon.

Part of my job as your coach is to work out which handbrakes you have enabled and show you how to remove them so you can start to get some momentum. The longer the handbrakes have been in place, and more numerous the handbrakes are, the more “healing” and resetting your body will have to go through. Once you begin to remove the handbrakes, and provide your body with what it needs to thrive in the right balance, your body will begin to heal itself. BUT, your body will decide in what order it prioritises all the healing it has to do. So whilst dropping the unsightly body fat from your lower abdomen may be YOUR #1 priority – your body will most likely prioritise less sexy, but more survival-centric traits, you know, things such a blood sugar management, blood pressure regulation, cellular detoxification and immunity, hormone production, etc.

The issues with being solely aesthetically focused, is that if we are only looking for the changes on the scale, we often miss the more subtle changes which occur around our bio-feedback. And these are the more-rewarding results if truth be told. This is what is really addictive.

At Sarah Bartlett Coaching, we track biofeedback weekly with all our clients, to make sure that they are looking for results holistically and not just in the mirror and on the scale.  It is so important NOT to get disheartened by only looking for the wrong type of results too soon. True lasting change takes time, and like I said earlier, if there is a lot of healing to be done, be patient with your body, it is doing it’s best to serve you the best way it knows how. Being a well-rounded, well-balanced and thriving individual is more important than having a good booty. BUT YOU CAN HAVE BOTH – so, in the words of the cute little Mexican girl in the Old El Paso ads, “porque no los dos?!”
When you get to the place where the body composition is a nice side effect of how much your body is thriving, you may be on the right track.

After all, it is aesthetics which get us to the gym in the first place, but it’s the feeling we get that keeps us coming back in the long run, and the long run is all that counts in the end.