Who I Am.

My name is Sarah Bartlett.
I am passionate about calisthenics, nutrition and healthy hormones.

Qualifications & Training

I grew up in an athletic family – my Dad was a World Champion rower for Australia and every family holiday was snowskiing, waterskiing, camping, hiking or something adventurous and active.
As a kid, I played hockey, gymnastics and was always running around climbing trees or making mud pies.
As a teen, I continued with both gymnastics and hockey and eventually gave gymnastic away for rowing in my senior years. This taught me a great deal about team work, responsibility and the value of hard physical effort – we trained bloody hard!
My first foray into the world of “fitness” started back in 2008 when my sister, Kate, got engaged to her now-husband, Ian, and we (myself, Mum and two sisters) decided to hire a Personal Trainer to whip our bodies into the best shape of our lives for The Wedding. At the time, I was working in advertising sales as an account manager. During my time at university, my fitness training had taken a bit of a backseat. I had very recently started running again, so whilst I was weak and tight from a few years of not training, I had a good base of fitness, and absolutely thrived at out Outdoor PT sessions. 
So much so, it was actually my Personal Trainer who initially suggested I become a trainer – I  laughed it off. Then 18 months later I enrolled at AFI and have never looked back.
I am now in my sixth year as a Fitness & Nutrition Coach, having successfully run my own franchise out of Fitness First for the first 3 years, then spending 18months working, presenting and travelling the world teaching for a company called Clean Health Fitness Institute, who teach courses in fitness and nutrition to coaches. After this, I returned to working for myself, and prioritising the growth of my online coaching business, to help thousands more people worldwide, with my unique 4 Pillar Protocol – a holistic blend of Mindset, Nutrition, Movement and Recovery coaching. My training style is a unique blend of calisthenics, weights and gymnastics movements with holistic coaching around mindset, nutrition, hormones and lifestyle. I love training, and I love the freedom and empowerment which comes from being strong. I love bringing this joy into others’ lives.
My mission is to inspire all humans to invest in themselves (through dedicated practice around the 4 pillars) to become the best versions of themselves they can and give that gift to the world.
Fitness has always been a part of my life. I honestly cannot remember a day in my life, when I could not hang from the monkey bars, or do a pull up – strength is just something that I gravitated towards. Coming from an athletic family and a schooling community that praised sporting achievement, all my friends and almost everyone I knew was physically fit. Becoming a trainer, it was a stark realisation for me just how de-conditioned the human body could be. As I started working with clients, often introducing them to the world of gymnastics for the first time, I began to witness the transformational shifts that occur in someone when health is prioritised. Life changing alterations to perspectives, personalities, achievements, self confidence and overrall happiness. Being a part of that journey with another human being is a blessing.
Fitness has provided me with so many incredible opportunities in recent years: competing on Australian Ninja Warrior, competing with WBFF, performing every year for the past 4 at Australian Fitness Expo, modelling and performing calisthenics for The Upside at a David Jones fashion event, and lots of fun social media videos and collabs.
My style of training is very unique. I was a competitive gymnast growing up, and I utilise much of my background into my training practices. I have bodyweight exercises to train every muscle group!
My athletes train for performance, longevity and growth. For this reason, my style includes alot of mobility and flexibility training, gymnastics and calisthenics based skills and heavy compound lifts for the lower body. It is a unique blend that gets dramatic, life changing and lasting results for people looking for something a little more challenging.
Another major aspect of my coaching is based around the female menstrual cycle, and eating and training to support and nourish the body throughout the phases of the cycle.
Qualification & Training
  • Muscle Nerds Mentorship 2019 – ongoing
  • Wim Hof Workshop
  • Summit – Michael Grey one
  • Australian Strength Coach Seb Oreb Seminar
  • Dr Robert Rakowski Functional Nutritionist Certification Level 1
  • Clean Health Fitness Institute Performance Personal Trainer Level 1,2,3 – June 2016
  • Wim Hof COURSE
  • Real Movement Project Internship
  • Health Your Gut Summit
  • Real Movement Project Mentor Program
  • Power Living Flow Yoga 200hr Teacher Training
  • Poliquin Group BioSignature Modulation Level 1
  • Coach Keegan Bodyweight Workshop
  • Gymnastic Bodies Workshop with Coach Sommer
  • MMA Fitness Level 1&2
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Effective Movement Trainer
  • Rehab FX
  • Active Anatomy Rehab
  • AK Advanced Kettle Bell Instructor Level 1&2
  • Adv. Dip. Nutritional Medicine – commenced 2014 – ceased 2016 due to course changing to Bachelor
  • Cert III & IV Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer & Master Trainer